Bridesmaids Slots Review

Be prepared for the event of a lifetime! Microgaming have brought those amazing ladies from the 2011 Universal Studios comedy Bridesmaids, to our laptops and mobile devices. Based on the hilarious rom-com this slot game asks you to help Annie, Helen, Megan, Rita and Becca make their best friend Lillian’s wedding a smooth and successful day.

With snippets and sound bites from the movie to add to the hilarity, you’ll enjoy this cute and funky themed game, with its impressive bonuses, extras and possible jackpot prizes. Plus if it’s anything like the other movie themed Microgaming slots, such as Jurassic Park and Terminator 2, then we at Bridesmaid are sure it’ll soon be a gamers favourite.

So what is Bridemaids Slots?

bridesmaids slots reviewBridesmaids Slot is a five reel, forty pay line game which offers lots of exciting bonus options such as wild and scatter symbols, which are the Bridesmaids logo. For the movie fans out there you’ll be delighted to see that the bridal party are used as the featured images for many of these bonuses; so let’s celebrate like Kristen Wiig and ‘Get Ready to Party!!’

Cupcake Booster/Bonus Wheel

This is where you can win multipliers, wild symbols and bonus games; simply spin 3 or more cupcakes and you’ll be given the option to spin the bonus wheel. With an incredible 15 prize options, you could win instant cash or begin on an exciting bonus journey of wedding madness. There are 4 bonus games each with a quirky wedding theme, which include;

Friendship Bonus Spins

This amazing bonus will give you ten spins and the chance to win further spins. These bonus spins have a slight twist because you can make winning combinations of symbols both from left to right and also from right to left, which will double your chances of winning a prize.

bridesmaids slots Flying High Bonus Spins

This great bonus connects with Microgamings top games Rolling Reels and Growing Wilds. If you win you could enjoy 10 goes on either the featured game, increasing the chance of winning multiple prizes.

Boutique Bonus

This bonus is easy as all you need to do is match the bridesmaids, which will reveal extra cash prizes. Watch out though because if you reveal our gorgeous bride Lillian, this generous feature will stop.

Magic Moments Bonus

With a classic Polaroid theme of pictures from the movie, you have the option of picking from 9 magic moments. With a chance of winning 350 times your wagered amount, each photo has a hidden cash prize.

Why should I play Bridesmaids Slots?

Why wouldn’t you? Because it’s based on the hilarious movie you know you’ll have a chuckle, as well as a chance of winning a jackpot prize. Don’t worry if you’ve never seen Bridesmaids, because being an online gaming fan is enough to enjoy this great game.

Microgaming have definitely done it again, but this time they’ve not only combined the movie theme with online slots; they have made it super exciting with a large range of bonuses and bonus spins. When you add in the connection to the other featured favourites Rolling Reels and Growing Wilds, whether to try it out is a no brainer!

Simply choose from one of our incredible casino sites and enjoy!